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breast cancer donations, breast cancer volunteer

Sitting on your computer/phone reading this. Wait, you with the IPad, you too!

Everyone has been affected at one time or other in their life with the tragic results of BREAST CANCER, maybe a sister, mother, aunt, best friend, and let’s not forget your father, brother or another male figure in your life, because breast cancer can strike male and female alike.

breast cancer donations, breast cancer volunteer

Breast cancer not only affects the person afflicted with it, breast cancer affects the community around that person. And while we can all donate to the huge national organizations who give millions of dollars to research, we can also help the individual.

That’s what Suddenly Pink Foundation is all about.

The mom who has two little kids who not only needs to feed those two but also needs some emotional support. The dad who sees the love of his life, and the mother of his two little kids, suffering just to get through the medicine treatments. The treatments that may or may not even slow the cancer down, let alone stop it, and he has to work to support them and cannot be at her side constantly.

These are the people we can help! We know your donations come from the heart to the big organizations, but that affirmation of effect for that donation isn’t always evident. By donating to the smaller organization, you will see who you are helping in the community. It will be there closer to home, so you KNOW you’ve helped someone, no, a WHOLE COMMUNITY, with your donations.

breast cancer donations, breast cancer volunteer

So help us today, we need YOU, to help US, help them.

If you don’t have a donation, help us out by volunteering. Maybe a little time here or there to cook a meal, watch the kids, help transport someone to an appointment! This is a community effort so tell your friends!

Let’s go have some fun helping people!

And CERTAINLY, if you have ideas of how to spread the word, let us know! Leave us a comment below!

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