The Suddenly Pink Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people with Breast Cancer who are experiencing extreme hardships due to treatment, through individual or corporate donations.

Suddenly Pink is dedicated to helping anyone, who awakens one bright and shiny day only to discover they’ve been diagnosed with the most feared and life threatening affliction of today, breast cancer.

It is a shocking, numbing feeling to hear those words “You have breast cancer…” immediately your life as you knew it, is forever changed. You are Suddenly Pink.

Many of the people that face the challenge of breast cancer have a lot of support and have someone in their corner fighting with them. Some are not as lucky and face their battle alone.

Many are unable to work during treatment, have small children at home, can’t pay bills, their spouse has left them, they could use a friend to confide in, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Just because you are Suddenly Pink doesn’t mean you are suddenly alone in your fight.Breast cancer has touched most of us in one way or another.

Everyone knows someone that breast cancer has taken or affected their lives. Mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, sons or a dear friend….no one is immune to breast cancer.

Together we can make a difference for someone going through treatment that needs just a little help to make their journey easier.

The breast cancer battle is a tough one and it helps to have someone stand with you in the fight. So, please join us in our mission to help these warriors!