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One Soldier

breast cancer community support

One lonely soldier marching on

Afraid of what’s in store

She was in a battle for her life

Scared of facing more.

breast cancer community support

Her spirits soon were lifted

At the sight of something new

A fellow soldier joined her

They were an army of two.

Once again it happened

Someone joined them in the fight

And that first lonely soldier

Began to see some light.

 breast cancer community support

Everywhere she looked now

There came a friendly face

More soldiers to join the battle

To see her through the race.

They came in every color

Both the young and the old

They stood together, side by side

Their spirits growing bold.

breast cancer community support

They would fight together faithfully

For this soldier was their friend

Supporting her through the battle

With a love that has no end.

By Sheri Tharp 2007

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