Barb’s Story, Help For Breast Cancer Survivor Needs

In June of 2015, I was in the best shape of my life.

help for breast cancer survivor needs
My perfect life!

I had started a new relationship, had a beautiful new grandson, my daughter was getting married in July! What happened next, was why I decided to provide help for breast cancer survivor needs.

I had this little lump that I thought was nothing because I’ve had little lumps before that turned out to be harmless.

Then I got that numbing call and I became Suddenly Pink.

I became a part of that Pink Club of amazing women and men (yes men!) that no one wants to ever really join. My diagnosis was Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Estrogen positive, Stage 2.

My treatment was a lumpectomy, chemo, then radiation. Letrozole and Alendronate Sodium for the next 10 years. We had to stop radiation before I was scheduled to be done, due to an infection in my breast.

The infection was spreading.

help for breast cancer survivor needs
Big day indeed, thank you, my friends!

I had to get a PICC line and endure a few more surgeries. Luckily, I am still here to tell my story. The amazing people I met along the way will always be part of my story.

The support I got from my family, friends, my new friends, strangers, friends of friends were beyond what I could even comprehend.

I got to know a lot of other people during their journey with this same destructive disease.

Some were fortunate to have a great support system, some were all alone, some had some pretty devastating stories that stuck with me. After much consideration on how we could help others going through the same situations, the Suddenly Pink Foundation was born! We wanted to provide help for breast cancer survivors.

We can help them through an especially rocky road!

To make a small difference in even one person, one family’s life is our goal.

My current situation is that for today, I am cancer-free.

help for breast cancer survivor needs
Family support is SOOO important!

My new relationship? Well, he kissed my bald head every day, told me I’m beautiful and is now my husband.

I now have TWO beautiful grandchildren, and my children and friends are all part of Suddenly PINK.

For my friend, Stephanie’s Story go HERE.

I WOULD like to thank the wonderful people over at Cancer League of Colorado for all of their support!